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Christopher Iverson’s long-awaited autobiography is finally being released! Book 1 is available now!

Three Lifetimes – Book 1: Marijuana Infused Dreams

Follow the author on his journey through life as he goes from chasing money, power, fame, and sex, to his eventual spiritual awakening. From his humble beginnings as an entrepreneur in Portland, Oregon, that culminated in his ascension to a wildly successful marijuana grower, to his adventures in Thailand, Nepal, and Amsterdam, Chris Iverson’s life story is filled with trials and tribulations worthy of a novel. His sometimes unbelievable story will keep the reader anxiously awaiting every turn of the page, as he bravely opens Oregon’s first medical marijuana dispensary years before it is legal to do so, starts broadcasting an underground pirate radio station, produces massive all-night rave parties, becomes an animal rights activist, Earth Firster, and hemp activist, and helps his friend send boxes of illegal marijuana to then-president Bill Clinton. He’s accused by the local police of starting an ecstasy cult, enters the race for State Representative, has a close call with a DEA agent who is after him, and then finally moves to Switzerland to grow football fields of legal marijuana. Book one of the three-part autobiography of Mr. Iverson’s life will surely keep you in disbelief from one page to the next.

Coming Soon!
Three Lifetimes – Book 2: Fields of Glory
Three Lifetimes – Book 3: Klang – The Sound You Never Want to Hear